AllSubs’s vast collection of movie and TV series subtitles is easily accessible via our API.

Below you can find 2 examples on how it works:



» 10 is the number of results API should return, maximum 50.
» the-dark-knight-english-2008 is the movie name and it can be as simple as "dark-knight" or it can contain a language (as full language or code, e.g. "english" or "en") and/or a year.
You can also look for episodes of different TV series you want.
Just make sure you call it like this: movie-name-separated-by-dashes



» 100000 is the start ID from where you want to list subtitles.
» 10 is the limit of subtitles you can list at once (max 100).
You can find the latest ID in our database by visiting this page

Feel free to use this API and please do let us know your questions/suggestions.