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Quantum-leap-the-leap-back-june-15-year-1945-year-1991-pob-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E01 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-shock-theater-october-3-year-1954-year-1991-por-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E22 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-southern-comforts-august-4-year-1961-year-1991-eng-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E16 English (English subtitles)
Quantum-leap-permanent-wave-june-2-year-1983-year-1991-pob-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E05 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-a-hunting-will-we-go-june-18-year-1976-year-1991-por-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E18 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-hurricane-august-17-year-1969-year-1991-pob-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E03 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-play-ball-august-6-year-1961-year-1991-pob-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E02 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
  1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E19 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-future-boy-october-6-year-1957-year-1991-por-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E13 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-8-12-months-november-15-year-1955-year-1991-por-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E12 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
  1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E09 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-piano-man-november-10-year-1985-year-1991-eng-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E15 English (English subtitles)
Quantum-leap-private-dancer-october-6-year-1979-year-1991-eng-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E14 English (English subtitles)
Quantum-leap-raped-june-20-year-1980-year-1991-pob-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E06 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-runaway-july-4-year-1964-year-1991-eng-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E11 English (English subtitles)
Quantum-leap-justice-may-11-year-1965-year-1991-pob-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E04 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-dreams-february-28-year-1979-year-1991-pob-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E08 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-glitter-rock-april-12-year-1974-year-1991-eng-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E17 English (English subtitles)
Quantum-leap-the-wrong-stuff-january-24-year-1961-year-1991-pob-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S04E07 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-nuclear-family-october-26-year-1962-year-1991-por-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap S03E21 Portuguese (Legendas em Português)
Quantum-leap-private-dancer-october-6-1979-1991-spa-1cd   1 Download Preview
  · QUANTUM LEAP - 3x14 - Private Dancer - (6 De Oct. 1979) (ALEX) Spanish (subtítulos Espanol)
Quantum-leap-nuclear-family-october-26-1962-1991-eng-1cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum Leap - [3x21] - Nuclear Family - (DVDRip) - [Medieval]-eng English (English subtitles)
Quantum-leap-a-hunting-will-we-go-june-18-1976-1991-spa-1cd   1 Download Preview
  · QUANTUM LEAP - 3x18 - (A Hunting Will We Go; 18 De Junio De 1976) (ALEX) Spanish (subtítulos Espanol)
The Upper Hand : Quantum Leap #6.12   1 Download Preview
  · QUANTUM LEAP - 3x12 (8 And A Half Months; 15 De Nov 1955) (ALEX) Spanish (subtítulos Espanol)
  1 Download Preview
  · Quantum.leap.s03e19-med-eng English (English subtitles)
Quantum-leap-runaway-july-4-1964-1991-spa-1cd   1 Download Preview
  · QUANTUM LEAP - 3x11 (Runaway, 4 De Julio 1964) (ALEX) Spanish (subtítulos Espanol)
Quantum-leap-future-boy-october-6-year-1957-year-1991-eng-1-cd   1 Download Preview
  · Quantum.leap.s03e13-med-eng English (English subtitles)

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